Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week #4 - Brought to my knees...


Ah, I love emailing everyone! It always makes my day to write all those who love me about how much I love the MTC! And if you don't really love me, then just pretend you do, so I can still feel good about emailing you :)  

This week has been NUTS! Ha - I sound like Sister Lake Senior :) I feel like Eden says that in every email she sends home ever, true? True! Also, I need to preface this bit o' news with a disclaimer - I know that you all know my personality, and know that I'm not boasting when I say this, so thank you for having that faith in me. As promised, I will always truthfully update you all on the news of my mission . That being said, this week has been especially nuts since Hma Goodrich and I were called as coordinating sisters last week. For those who may not know what that means, we learn that out God is a God of order - everything in His true church is organized and delegated so that all are taken care of and under the watchful care of someone else. For example, our Prophet Thomas S. Monson is at the head of the church, guiding through the will of God. Then, we have 12 apostles who are over the quorums of 70 (correct me if I'm wrong on any of this), who then delegate to Area Authorities (for example, there is someone over the area of Western Washington) who then delegates to Stake Presidents (Stakes are smaller quadrants of an area), and a stake consists of multiple wards. A ward is made up of a couple hundred people, who have a bishop over them. This example of leadership delegation clearly shows our Heavenly Father's will for order, and the assurance that all of his children have someone from whom they can seek help. This principle is no different in the mission field - multiple districts/branches (a branch is about 12 missionaries) make up a zone, and multiple zones make up a mission - the MTC mission. In this situation, there are district leaders to preside over those in their district, and  zone leader over the whole zone. However, since the White handbook ( a book of inspired instruction for missionaries) says to never counsel a missionary of the opposite gender, district and zone leaders cannot counsel with sister missionaries if they need it; this is where the coordinating sisters come in - we're over all the sisters in the zone.  

Phew. That was a long explanation - I hope you understood all that!! Anyway, it's a wonderful calling,and I love getting to know the sisters in our zone. Hermana Goodrich and I have noticed our companionship getting stronger already, and our growth increasing just in the few days since we were called. It's amazing to see what the Lord can do with us when we are willing! Anyway, it's a wonderful calling, though we're left with even less time than we had before - between physical therapy/doctor appointments and coordinating sisters responsibilities on top of regular classes and missionary work, life is super crazy. Planning our days has suddenly become a matter of life/near death! :) 

On that note Mom, Dr. Weenig finally figured out what was wrong with my knee - I have Femoral Patellar Pain Syndrome, which basically means I pulled my Patella tendon. Wahoo! It's been doing a lot better though - I was relatively pain free until I tried to be super cool and play with the girls in my zone at gym yesterday - you know, building relationships and all that jazz. Anyway, I've been on crazy horse pills of ibuprofen, wearing a knee strap, and doing PT, but doing good! It's hard to miss classes for therapy - it makes me feel really behind - But Hma G and I are doing what we can to stay caught up,and I'm loving it! It's a blessing to have such wonderful people taking care of me - they genuinely care, and want to help :)  

Also, couple fun facts of the week before I run out of time!!

1) We had a district snowball fight after gym the other day when it snowed in UT - Hma B hit Elder Hasleton right in the forehead, and he had a big ol' red mark for a few hours. It was pretty funny :)

2) I have the best oldest sister ever!! Sister Lake senior sent me a box of roses the other day as a pick-me-up. What a blessing you are to me Eden!! I love you so, and will write you back :) It made my day/week/life, so thank you :) (Though all my zone thought I had just gotten proposed to or something... that was a fun rumor to address :)

3) when I was going to a PT appt, our driver taught Hma G and I some phrases in Romanian (where he served) including a sentence that is ALL vowels (yia oa ea uu, o something like that) that translates to "that is her sheep"
4) I've almost actually used up a whole bar of soap! Has anyone actually done that by themselves before? I never have, and seriously wish soap companies would put a prize in the middle of that bar - or at least send you a certificate of achievement if you mange to use the whole bar without losing it

5) Riss, I get complimented on my CTR ring DAILY! I've had multiple people ask me where I got it from, and sometimes I answer back "from TBC" :) 

TIMES UP!! Love you all, miss you muchos, and I KNOW THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!  I love being a missionary - I have never been closer to my God than when I am pushed the hardest, and dedicating my time to Him. How blessed I am! 


Hma Hillary Lake

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