Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week #7 I am off to Nashville, ya'all!!

Hermana Lake's is being temporarily reassigned to the Nashville, Tennessee Mission!!  We got to speak briefly with her on the phone last Friday, just long enough to hear the exciting news!  She departs this Monday morning and it appears that she will be learning another foreign language, ya'all ... she is beyond excited! 

Here is a modified version of Brent Bennett's song, Nashville, Here I Come! 

Got all my things together
Sittin' waiting on the bus
Climbed aboard with my companion
Now it's just the two of us
I have learned so much at the MTC
But I have somewhere new to be
I am bringing my faith and so much more
To Nashville, Tennessee

Everyone's a waitin'
To hear the gospel true
I can feel it in my heart and soul,
I have so much there to do!
Don't know how long I'll serve there
But I will serve with all of me
So, for now, I am off to Nashville
Beautiful, Nashville, Tennessee!

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