Thursday, April 11, 2013

I love Brittany Rigby

Look who I ran into in the MTC bookstore today! She just got in with her companion a few hours ago. It was so fun to see her! Sister Rigby is going to be an AWESOME missionary! In our district, we have already seen miracles happening in the families of those who have chosen to sacrifice and go on a mission. For Hma Goodrich, her brother moved home and started speaking to their mom for the first time in years, and her Grandpa just got baptized last week. He has received the discussions numerous times before, and was finally baptized a month into Hma G´s mission at the age of 93. For Hma Bateman, her aunt decided to be married in the temple (a first in their family in a long time), and her cousin decided to take a Book of Mormon to drug rehab with him and has been attending church weekly. Truly, the Lord takes care of the families of those who serve him! It´s a blessing, and I have no doubt these miracles will extend into Brittany Rigby´s family. So excited!!
Love you all!!
Hma Lake

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