Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week #5 - Spring has sprung!

Dear All,  

Good morning! Spring has sprung in Utah, and I LOVE seeing all the flowers. Not entirely sure if they sprout naturally, or if the sneaky grounds crew comes and does it at night because I  never really notice from one day to the next. Then again, I'm starting to realize how exceptionally unobservant I can be sometimes, so maybe that's the answer :)  

This week has been full of ups and downs! Our district is slated to depart to our respective missions on April 8th, but I don't know if that's going to happen or not because of our Argentine visas. Yesterday, we met with a government panel to sign some paperwork and to complete the last steps.  Next Tuesday, we're going to SLC to meet with the consulate and we'll go from there! We'll likely be reassigned, though no one has a definite answer for us. I wouldn't mind serving stateside for a time, especially considering my wonderful experience on Temple Square with Sister Lake, Sr! The uncertainty bugs me - no one know where, when, or what is going on. I suppose that's where faith comes in, and we'll find out eventually!!  

Couple fun facts for this week:

1) Carissa, I totally ate a bowl of  Cocoa Dino Bites in honor of you the other day. They had them in the cafeteria, and I couldn't resist - despite the chocolately overload; I was giggling the whole way through :)
2) Spring is here! This really isn't a fun fact; however, it makes me happy so it's worth including :)

3) Sheri Dew came and spoke to us this last Sunday - it was wonderful to hear from her!

4) Sister Bridget Lewis left this past week to fly to Chicago! As did Sister Elayne Johnson, and Hermana Rachel Ford is supposed to leave in about 2 weeks. It's fun to see some of the girls that I know, and I'm excited for them to go to their respective missions!

This week, our district was by the humility train - we recognized that we all will be leaving soon, and desperately need to focus, buckle down, and WORK harder! It's been hard to do, but I know that we will get through this and be grateful for the lessons we've learned in the end. For me in particular, I was hit by the significance of a scripture that another Hma shared with me a few days ago - in Jacob 2 and the Lord is speaking about His vineyard. More or less, he states "What more could I have done for my vineyard?" as he is surveying the damage done by sin and pride. However,  this scripture was especially significant to me because it speaks of the need we all have of recognizing our own faults instead of blaming others. For me personally, I realized that I am at times too prideful to recognize that I have blame in a given situation. And yet, in this passage our perfect Heavenly Father would ask Himself, "What more could I have done?" This speaks to me of the humility needed to recognize my own faults - for truly, the greatest of all faults is to recognize none within yourself.  

On a happy note, Hma Goodrich and I had a fun picnic the other day! We got a sack lunch, some chips/salsa from the bookstore (Karis - it was Tostito salsa. Be jealous :) and had a picnic in our room. It was super fun, and I loved the chance to just sit and enjoy her as a person. It's fun to make the transition from "companion" to "friend". So great!!  

The first is from the picnic is of my and Hma G's picnic! We talked a lot about our family traditions, and it was a blast :)
The second is a picture of pound cake and Nutella - Elder Creer's Mom sends boxes of goodies all the time. I'm fairly sure she's trying to kill us all with sugar overload :) He shared some of the pound cake with us, and we found a jar of Nutella to put on it! Problem was we didn't have a knife or spoon to spread the Nutella - so, we bought some bagels from the vending machine to use the tiny plastic applicators that they come with :) It was super yummy!
 Love to all!
Hermana Lake

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