Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week #6 - Where's Hermana Waldo?

Good news: I had so many emails today, and got to hear from almost everyone I love!!

Bad news: I was so excited about it, I only have a few minutes left on my email... and by a "few" I mean five. So... a short email it is!!  

Highlights of the week:

1) WATCHING GENERAL CONFERENCE! For those who didn't see the "Might Band of Youth" special between the Sunday morning and afternoon session, we were on it! Only briefly though- we were featured in the MTC choir in the opening. (Attached is a photo compliments of the amazing Carissa!)

2) Yesterday, we went to SLC for a meeting with the Argentine consulate and it was really good! He told us more about our specific missions (Rosario is the second biggest city in Argentina and the weather sounds mild.  It is much smaller than Buenos Aires (still, exciting!) He taught us about the Argentine customs in general (including warning us to not freak out when Italian men try to kiss us on the cheek. Thanks for the heads up - I'll only mildly freak out now). The consulate only comes to SLC once every 2 months, so we were lucky to be here at the same time. Blessing! We did more paperwork for our visas; although it was only step 1 of the 2 parts needed to be assigned. SO! We should find out where/when we will temporarily serve in another mission until our visa arrives. We will likely leave the MTC this week -- probably Mon or Tues, as that is when scheduled flights usually leave the MTC). We could leave sooner or later though- we won't know for certain until we get our plans :) It is all up to the Lord. The good news is that I get to call my family once I receive my reassignment! So, expect a call from me sometime tomorrow to update you on the where/when and I will try to catch you later in the evening, and hopefully the kids/Dad will also be around :)

My district and I in front of the SLC temple!  It is weird to recall that the last time I was in that exact spot was with my Mom and Sister Lake Sr. 
3) Going to SLC for our visa meeting -more specifically, temple square and more specifically, the Church Office Building. IT WAS TORTURE!!  I knew that Sister Lake Sr. was within 2 minutes of me, and I was DYING! When it wasn't my turn to be up front, I chilled by the window and tried to look productive while memorizing the First Vision and trying to see if I could find her. The 4 hours we were there were probably the longest 4 hours of my life!  I really hoped to see Sister Lake, Sr. I was almost relieved when we finally got on the bus to go back to the MTC. Sister Lake Sr, just know that I thought about you, missed you, and blew you lots of imaginary kisses!!! :)  
As for me, I'm doing AWESOME! It's been a really good week, and I love the progress! Kind of strange that we're actually leaving soon - not having a where/when makes it a lot less real. But! that should change tomorrow! So exciting!! :)
Okay. Times up. LOVE YOU ALL!!! Sorry!!

Hermana Lake

Me eating the AMAZING Baneezy Breezy that Riss sent me :) We found a rejected jar of Nutella on the altar of sacrifice (the table where missionaries put received but unwanted/unable to eat food sent to them in the MTC)  the Nutella was lovingly adopted into our district... and then we ate it... on baneezy breezy. It was AMAZING!! The sunshine was, too!

P.S. Riss, I totally ate Coco dino bites for breakfast this morning. With almond milk. It was amazing :)

P.P.S. Grandma and Grandpa, thank you for your sweet email! I'm so sorry I didn't have time to say anything back, but just know that I felt your love!

P.P.P.S. Heather Burns, sorry I never responded to the Dear Elder you sent to me a while ago. I've been meaning to, and simply haven't had the time. I know you weren't necessarily expecting me to write back, but I was trying to. Just know that I LOVED hearing about your family, and having a bit of you with me. It made my day! (and you probably don't even remember what you said, it was so long ago, haha :)

Hna G and I with Amy - our new friend who works in the MTC cafeteria. We see her every day and she gives us an update on her mission papers (she submitted them last week!) She also provides us with random Book of Mormon jokes that she makes up. (My personal favorite is "why were the Lamanites late for dinner? Because the Nephites buried the plates" haha.. ha.. ha :)

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