Monday, June 10, 2013

Week #15 - I hope they call me on a mission ... to Chuck E Cheese?

Hello all!!  

Alright, in case you couldn't gather from the 27 million pictures (alright, slight exaggeration - but tons, all the same) email this week is going to be pretty short! Life in Manchester is getting super crazy, since BONAROO is starting this Wednesday :) For those who don't know what Bonaroo (aka, anyone who isn't from Tennessee or on drugs) it's a giant music festival they have in Manchester every year that is comparable to Woodstock. Basically, they pull tons of bands in, and have 80,000-100,000 people who come to hear 3 days of nonstop concerts. We've already started to see some of the Bonaroo people coming into town, usually pretty distinguishable by the dreadlocks or "Mystery Machine" vans. One thing is for sure - this next week is going to be super exciting :) Stay tuned for some sure to be crazy stories! 

As awesome as this next week is going to be, we already had a few goodies for this week:

1) Sister Anderson's - our neighbor/TN mom - house got hit by LIGHTNING during another southern storm this last Wednesday. It took out basically any electronic that was plugged it, and recharged some batteries in the garage that had been dead for 5 years :) My personally favorite part - there were some light up Christmas cards in their den, and the electricity made the lights go crazy, and they were flashing all over the room, freaking Brother Anderson out :)  

2) Attack of the killer ants. Seriously. Our kitchen has been swarmed by ants these last few weeks, and it's gotten really bad lately - they keep on coming, and there doesn't seem to be much we can do about it. Ah well. When all else fails, look at your kitchen being overwhelmed by little critters and make some gospel analogy about perseverance and "small and simple things". Sheesh. As funny as the mental image of our house getting swarmed by ants is, I'm not even telling you what they call these little ants here in the south. Let's just say I'd have to start a swear jar if I did :) Use your imagination on that one. 

The activity was pin the name tag on the missionary!

3) This week, we had a fun primary missionary activity with all the kids! While we were there, I asked all the different kids where they wanted to go on their mission if they could pick anywhere. Julio replied "the park", but Adela topped him with "Chuck E. Cheese". If they ever start calling missionaries to serve in Chuck E. Cheese, you know who will be first in line! 
Hermana Hillbillary Lake - I love this beautiful, wonderful girl!!!
It's been a good week :) Love you all, and wish me luck for Bonaroo!  

Hna Hillbill

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