Monday, June 24, 2013

Week #17 - MRE's and ME!

Hello family!! 

An MRE that Dallas gave Hna Smith and me- we tried it!
Verdict? - I will never go into the army, for that reason alone :)

This week has been a week of MIRACLES!! For background, Dallas Holmes is the boyfriend of Tasha, the daughter of the Anderson family next door (who, in case you haven't guessed yet, we LOVE :). While Dallas has been at Boot camp, Tasha was talking with him about the gospel over the phone, and when he came back, we were anxious to meet with him (partially because I wanted to see how much I liked Tasha's boyfriend :). In the first lesson, we asked him what he thought about all that Tasha had been discussing with him, he looked us in the eye and said "I have so much faith. I know this book is true, I know this is what God wants me to do, and I am ready to be baptized". We just smiled and said "yes, you are" :) July 6th is the day, and we are so excited for him! Keep both him and Tasha in your prayers, as they're going through some trials to make it to his baptism.  

These types of trees are everywhere! These trees get hit by lightening during one of the many southern thunderstorms and eventually ivy grows all over the dead tree.
So cool looking!!

Though I'm short on time, I've just GOT to throw in some fun facts of the week :)  

1) We were are the Hobbs home this past week, when Eli (the son) leaned over to his Mom and whispered "do the missionaries have any kids?" She answered "No, of course not - they're not even married!" Eli looked very surprised at this tidbit of news and said "What? I thought they were married to the Elder missionaries?" To use a Demars term, Hna Smith and I "busted a gut" laughing :) I didn't even dare ask who they thought each of us were paired with. Though wonderful Elders, they're much too short for both Hna Smith and me! :)  
2) This week has been the full moon (hopefully, you are all aware of this - I started going in to more detail, than realized you all have the same moon as I do here in TN. My bad :), and we've learned that things go craaaaazy when the moon is full in the south! Walking around that night, we saw a range of craziness: giant beetles, a guy playing chicken with the cars on Highway 55 (we're pretty sure he was high :), crazy fireflies that dive-bombed us, giant slugs, and people croaking like frogs at us from their porch. If that wasn't strange enough, we ended the nonsense night carrying bug spray like a weapon to shoot at any more craziness that came across our path. By the time we got home, Hna Smith and I just had to look back and laugh :)  

3) We had a mysterious miracle! Randomly, someone came and started mowing our lawn for us - I looked out the window to see two random men, one armed with a lawn mower, and the other with a weed whacker. We're still not entirely sure how that happened - we're guessing that either:

a) Dallas paid someone to come do our lawn for us, since he is super sweet and wants to serve us in some way, or

b) They were originally paid to do someone else's lawn, and got the address mixed up.  

Not sure which one is actually true, but we appreciate the random blessings anyway! :)  

Love you all!!!  

Hna Hillbill

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