Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week #18 - The time has arrived!

I would try to be all sneaky and coy, and add a little blurb about my visa, but I'm pretty sure most everyone knows and it would be rather anticlimactic :) Here's the latest:

(scene: Thursday night, Hna Lake was in Winchester on exchanges with Sis McKinney while Hna Smith was in Manchester with Sis Tenny.  Hna Lake/Sis McKinney had 4 different missed calls from Manchester, and they finally got ahold of each other around 9pm that night)  

Smith: Hna Lake. President called, and you totally got your visa!
Lake: Ha ha, hilarious!
Smith: No, really. I promise! I wouldn't kid about something like this!
Lake: Wait, really? How serious are you being?
Smith: Serious.
Lake: Swear on a Dr. Pepper that you're not teasing me! (Dr. Pepper happens to be Hna Smith's favorite drink -- ever!! :)
Smith: I swear on a Dr. Pepper that I'm not kidding at all!
Lake: Okay, swear on a Dr. Pepper and a Sundrop that you're not kidding. (Sundrop is another favorite, and I'm pretty sure they only sell it in the south. Personally, every time I see it, I can hear my Grandpa Demars voice in my mind saying "hm, looks like radioactive cat urine" :) Pretty accurate!)
Smith: I Swear!!
Lake: Wait, are we talking cherry Sundrop or a normal one?
Smith: Hmm, probably a cherry.
Lake: Whoa. You are serious.  

We also found out, I'm the only sister that got her visa this transfer - Elders Hill and Lindeman got theirs as well, which I'm super excited about! Both are Elders who are going to my mission in Rosario, and were my traveling buddies when we were reassigned to TN. Basically, I'm grateful to know someone else who going with me across the world - it'll be an adventure for sure! From what I know, there will be 4 of us heading out today - Elder Hill, Elder Lindeman, Elder Carlson (Buenos Aires North missionary who was serving in Winchester), and me! :) Super excited!  

Before I get too carried away, I got to tell you about all the AWESOME stuff that's happened this week! Since I don't have a whole lot of time, we're going to revert to my favorite trick ever - a list of fun facts for the week :)  

1) The exchange in Winchester was super fun, and it was good to see another approach to missionary work, especially considering the timing of everything. One thing I learned about Winchester - the approach to missionary work isn't the only thing that's different, there's also a different variety of road kill there. Bit more of the amphibian sort laying on the asphalt in those parts, frogs and lizards and all that joy. Delicious.  

2) For those who may have a desire to eat delicious chocolate covered coconut granola bars in their lifetime, I'm here with good news!! Sunbelt Factory (at least I think that's what the brand is - all I could think of, was that it was the same brand of granola that Jill Demars really likes. So... ask her :) has some good ones! Heaven. Covered with chocolate.  

3) Quote from the zone meeting on Friday came from Jackie, a Pentecostal preacher for 30 years who was recently baptized into the LDS church. President McKee asked her to share a few thoughts during the meeting, and it was so eye opening to hear from her. One particular point that stood out to me was, "God protect us from timid missionaries". She shared her story about how bold and persistent her missionaries were, and what a difference that made. If that's not motivating to pray for those 20 seconds of insane courage to be bold, then... I don't know what. You weren't listening or something. Shame.

4) Good way to end the last week- Joe and Alysa were baptized on Saturday! It was quite a journey to have the baptism happen, since Satan's been throwing every obstacle in their path to try and stop them! You know an investigator has potential when Satan has to resort to marriage licenses and hospitalized fathers to try and stop the baptism - good news is, it didn't work! They looked wonderful, and it was an amazing meeting :) 

5) Yesterday was another strange Southern weather kind of day - it was so hot (probably about the 90's), that when one of the "5 min thunderstorms" rolled in that TN is s fond of, steam was rising from the pavement from the rain hitting the hot surfaces. It looked pretty sweet, and I felt like I was walking onto Celine Dion concert stage or something. I wish. I checked, but didn't see any Celine Dion's in sight. Phooey.
Welcome to the Bible belt! Here, we see a native Tennessee crazy in his natural habitat, dressed all in white and carrying a giant wooden cross around town. Not entirely sure what the purpose was, but that determined man was marching around outside with for a few hours. Then again, who am I to be confused about spending time walking around for hours in support of Christ? :)

Clearly, it's been a wonderful week :) All is well, and I'm excited for this new adventure! Stay tuned - next you hear from me, I'm sure I'll be hopelessly jet-lagged, and getting hit by a train of Spanish :) Wahoo!  

Love you all!!  

Hna Lake

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