Monday, July 29, 2013

Week #22 - "Fetch", "fah", and WalMart!

Dear... well, everyone :)

This week was NUTS! Seriously, I have so much hilarious content to relay, I don´t really know how my fingers of time limit is going to handle it. But! Here goes!

Outskirts of my area!

Fun facts of the week:

1) Elder Mongelos, a Latin elder in my district, has been seriously destroyed by all of his Utah companions - that man says ´fetch´ enough times in a sentence, that it would make a blue-blooded, Utah-Mormon blush. It´s fairly hilarious. 

2) There´s an expression here, similar to ´oh wow´ or  ´golly gee´(because we all say that so often, right? :) that is ´fah´. Say it out loud. Yep. You guessed it. Every time I hear someone say it, I cringe and think they´re saying the F-word. The best part is, the missionaries here use it more than ANYONE else. I seriously am convinced that missionaries use more slang than any teenagers in a given country. It makes us feel ´a part of the culture´:) 

3) I tried Malta this week! It´s similar to coffee, but... not coffee. Personally, I think it tastes a little weird, but it´s right up there with maté here. 

4) I learned that the President of Argentina (who is also a woman, by the way) made a law that you could only sell certain things in Argentina that were made here. So, consequently, things are occasionally fairly expensive, and always have a ´made in Argentina´ label on the back. 

5) This is crazy! Apparently, Toms actually originated in Argentina. I noticed that TONS of people here wear a shoe that is similar to Toms, and asked an other missionary about it. Apparently, the guy that founded Toms came to Argentina, saw this shoe (the canvas shoe that all the people wear as house slippers, or just when they can´t afford anything better - basically their version of flip flops) and brought it back to the states. It totally makes sense if you look at the TOMs logo - its the Argentina flag! Add that the list of reasons why Argentina is super cool :) 

6) Okay. I´m not entirely sure if anyone else has wondered this besides me --and maybe the Stewart family -- but for those that have seen Toy Story 3, do you remember the part where Buzz gets changed into Spanish mode? I have always wondered if in the Spanish dubbed version of the movie, if he gets changed into English version or not! Sadly, I learned this week that alas, he does not. Still Spanish mode. Phooey. That would have been hilarious :) Also, I am totally watching that movie after my mission to understand all that he is saying. If you want to join the party, someone start making a list! 

7) There are a couple words or phrases that are fairly specific or emphasized in Argentina only. For example, the word ´re´ signifies much or very, and they use it SO often here! Personally, I have come to love it, especially when the people get really into it, and roll their r´s till kingdom come :) 

8) We went to Walmart this week! Hna Borup and I started laughing when we walked in - you might be a desperate missionary if Walmart feels like home :)  

9) I´m seriously impressed by the women´s excessive talent in breastfeeding here. Like, really. I saw someone breastfeeding while driving a motorcycle this last week. I just laughed :)

The family at Martín's baptism! 
Carlos (who was baptized one month ago) baptized his 11 year old son.
Carlos received the priesthood in church the week before ... It was amazing :)

Sorry I can´t write more! Love you all!!! Know that I am wonderful, happy, and loving my mission!!!! 

Love, Hna Lake

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