Monday, August 19, 2013

Week #25 - My mother cooks with eyeballs and horses!

Hey folks!  

Man, the weather is starting to warm up here in Argentina, and I am Loving it! (fries with that? As a side note, the people here love McDonald's. Still haven't really figured out why) Lets start out with a few memorable moments of the week, shaaaaalllll we?  

1) Okay. This is probably one of my favorite language blunders that have happened, yet, ha ha :) I was trying to tell Hna Miranda that my Mom always cooks with with ajo y cebollas - garlic and onions. However, I switched around the words and said that my Mom always cooks with ojas y cabellos - eyeballs and horses, ha ha :) I figured out what I had said as soon as I said it, and seriously got a side ache from laughing so hard! 

2) This week, we went into a store to ask the price for a table and bookshelves. When we were leaving, the man gave us all his business card, which is conveniently printed on the back of bookmarks. He gave all the other Hnas a nice bookmark with Christ on it, and then grinned and handed me one with a blonde little girl and some cheesy saying, telling me that it was a picture of me as a child, ha ha :) I put it in my journal.  

3) HA! Another funny language moment - we were on the bus, and I started talking to some cute little 11 year olds. I asked where they were heading to, and I thought they said ¨semenario ¨. I thought it was a Bible school or something and said ¨whoa! How fun! That´s awesome!¨ It wasn't until later that I noticed Hna Negro was making a really funny face, and actually had tears coming out of her eyes. I asked her what was up, and she barely managed to breathe enough to tell me that the girls hadn't said ¨semenario¨, they had said ¨cemetario¨- the cemetery. That explained why they looked so confused when I was so excited about them going to a cemetery, and why Hna Negro was crying from trying so hard to stop crying.  

These trees are HILARIOUS! First off, they are totally covered in little spikes. All the greenish bark is covered in little hard spikes, that make this tree very unlovable. Basically, remember the book ¨The giving Tree´ with the cute picture of the kid hugging the oak tree? That would never happen with this tree. Its very unhuggable. I tried. 
The whole group at the stake activity! The dogs kind of photo-bombed the picture, but I deemed it a rather fitting portrayal of Argentina. Pretty sure there are so many dogs here, its fairly impossible to NOT have a dog in the background. Maté and Dogs. Yep, Argentina :) 
Santiago's baptism! His family has been inactive for years, but they have slowly be re-recognizing the joy that this gospel has to offer their family. So, reactivation is on its way! First step - baptizing their cute little son, Santiago. It went great! (especially because the members love any excuse for a fiesta, and always bring loads of food to the baptisms, ha ha :) Immense amounts of dulce de leche and pan. Its jolly!)

Couple fun facts about Argentina!  

1) Here, there are cars that drive around selling cosas. They announce what they are selling with Giant speakers that blast really impossible to understand Spanish, ha ha :) These cars drive around all day, selling their things to people who here the speaker advertisements and come out of their houses. They sell everything from eggs, to clothes, to giant chunks of meat. The best part is, the voice is EXACTLY the same for every recording, so matter what they are selling. Its pretty hilarious :)  

2) People here listen to tons of music from America. There are singers from Argentina as well, but they love some good Hip Hop or Alternative American music. This last week, I sang the song ¨singing in the rain¨ with a random man in the park who happened to have a guitar. He started serenading us with a beautiful song about an Argentina fisherman, and then asked what American songs I knew. We had a fun little jam session, this toothless Argentine cowboy and me :)  

Clearly, its been an awesome week :) Also, WELCOME HOME to Mason, Grandma and Grandpa!!! So happy that you all made it back from your missions safely, and I'm super proud of you all!! Love you! :)  

This week, I've been thinking especially about the blessings of family, especially since there are so many wonderful blessings going down in my family right now :) May we always remember and treasure the things that are eternal and lasting in our lives. All else will fade :) 

Love you all! Also, for those that are eagerly awaiting an update on our shower status (I'm sure that is all of you, right? :), we are still shower-less, and rocking the buckets. On the plus side, I've gotten rather creative with my hygiene lately, ha ha :) I would tell you all to think of me the next time you took a hot shower, but then I realized how strange that sounds. Soo... clearly, I said it anyway :)  

Have an AWESOME week! Love you all!!  

Hna Lake 

P.S. Especially sending my love to Eden and Brian - I am SO excited for your wedding this weekend! Know that I love you both, and am thinking of you!! 

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