Monday, September 16, 2013

Week #29 - Going the extra mile yields miracles... and SUBWAY!

Good morning to everyone!!

Things are seriously awesome, and freezing. And hot. On that note, I learned this week that Spring time is hardcore bipolar in Argentina. On Wednesday, we were sweating our socks off in the heat - it got to a high of 98 degrees F! Then, come Friday, we were digging out our long johns and winter coats again when it froze that night. Seriously. Argentina is giving me whiplash.  

Couple fun adventures of the week: 

1) remember Joel, the miracle kid with the kite that was so excited about Christ? His birthday was this past week, so we decided to gather together all our meager missionary supplies, and make him a torta! Er, cake. We made a yummy creation, and headed to the slums to deliver it to him and his family along with a member in our ward. However, once we got there, our excitement to present our creation was slightly deflated when we were told he wasn't actually there. Phooey. However, we were talking with the mom, when I noticed that the boyfriend was sitting off to the side of the road. I headed over to talk to him and on the way over, I got halfway through asking him what his name when I suddenly found myself 6 inches shorter, and my foot was all cold. I looked down, and realized I had walked straight into a huge ditch full of...  I don't even want to know what, on the side of the road. On the plus side, get hosed down with water felt good in the heat, and I was given ample reason to scrub out my shoes for the first time on my mission, ha ha :)  


2) More service! We were helping the Relief Society prep for their activity this week, and I was in charge of spray painting. I quickly learned that spray paint does NOT come off, and I was left with very red, very sticky hands. I finally got it off with some rubbing alcohol and steel wool, but I think the first layer of my skin went with it :) 

3) Language blunder of the week - while we were decorating, all the students from institute started coming into the chapel. With each one that would try to shake my hand, I always said ¨Sorry, pero tengo pinta¨and show them the paint on my hands. They kept giving me weird looks, and finally, one of the students took pity on me and told me that in Argentina, the phrase ¨tengo pinta¨is basically the equivalent of saying ¨I'm smokin' hot¨, or I've got the looks¨. Bahaha, no wonder everyone was giving me weird looks! It was pretty hilarious. 

We also had a training with Elder Di Giovanni this week from the seventy. It was amazingly wonderful, and I learned TONS! One concept that I loved, was what he said about miracles. He taught us that when we fulfill all that we are asked to do - when we go the one mile - that is when we receive blessings. But when we go above and beyond what we are asked, when we go the second mile? That is where the miracles occur. So true for our lives as well!! 

After the awesome training, we all headed to the mall in Santa Fe (yep, a mall. That was weird) to eat. And guess where we went?? SUBWAY!! There are two subways in the mission, and I was so thrilled to be in the same city as one of them. I ordered a Teriyaki chicken foot-long on whole wheat bread (Man, I miss whole wheat bread) and was on cloud nine the whole entire time. Seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking about it now. The little pleasures of a missionary life, ha ha :)

Al in all, an amazing week! Because of emails I got from Brayden and Eden this last week, both telling me how much they think about and miss their mission, I have been thinking a lot about my time as a missionary. The other day, when we were scrambling to make a cake for Joel, I took a few minutes to run outside and scrub out my laundry in the sink. I remember standing there in the blazing 98 degree heat, scrubbing my laundry by hand, listening to all the blasting music and dogs barking, and was thinking about my mission. In that moment, the Lord helped me realize something. I know that if someone came to me in that moment, with a plane ticket in hand to fly back to my family and life in Washington, I would look at it, smile, say ¨no thanks!¨and hand them a Book of Mormon in return, ha ha :) I realized then how much I really do love my mission. There is nothing else like this.

I love you all! Have an awesome week, and go buy some Subway :)  

Love, Hna Hillbill

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