Monday, October 14, 2013

Week #33 - An impromtu poem

Okay, delayed apologies for the lack of an email last week. To convey my apologies a little more sincerely, I wrote you all a poem: 

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm actually making up this poem as a write,
And I clearly stink at impromptu :) 

Also, I totally forgot how to spell impromptu. Not sure if you have all noticed, but my spelling is getting HORRIBLE! I'd like to think it's a result from bad keyboards and rushed time, but in reality, I think Spanish is taking over my mind. Which is a good thing, right up until I try to write something in English :)  

And after all that effort, my poem didn't even have a thing to do with an apology, ha ha :) Ah well. I'm just going to abandon that effort, and move on with the week.  

The beautiful sunrise after 3 days of thunderstorms here in San Nicolas! Symbolic, and beautiful - what a bonus :)
It's been great here in San Nicolas!! Especially so because I ran the other morning with my sweet Hna Nunja  for the first time since I left TN, and I was in heaven :) Granted, my idea of heaven was rudely interrupted by the small posse of perros who started jogging alongside us. Poor Hna  Nunja - who has a serious phobia of all the dogs here, and based on what I've told you all about the ARG dogs, you can imagine how big of a problem that is - she was practically going into cardiac arrest, so I crossed the street, all the dog followed me, and when we arrived at out pension otra vez (again), I counted 8 different dogs in my wake. Well, at least I know I have some friends in San Nicolas, ha ha :)  

Also, we had dinner with my wonderful Bishop, Augustin Arancibia esta semana, and his wife, Camila, made us PANCAKES for desert. Seriously, I was - yet again - in heaven :) It is SO strange how quickly food asi can make my day. However, I loved the homemade pancakes, and thought of my Mom and her yummy whole wheat pancakes! Divine. 

Overall I think a theme of this past week for me, has really been pride. Not necessarily in other people, but in myself. For starters, on that note I'm going to officially apologize for the email that I sent out a few weeks ago when I first arrived. I cant remember exactly what it said, but something along the lines of how I thought the missionaries who had served here over the past few years had bad attitudes, and for that, the members thought the work was impossible, but Hna nunja and I were determined to change that and baptize a ton!!

Oh, please... 

Ha ha, looking back on that, I really have to laugh. Not because I believe that there is anything wrong to have an attitude and desire to work to accomplish such a goal as this, but I am honestly a little ashamed by how prideful that also sounds. During my mission, and also due to the examples of my parents and family, I have recently learned a principle of how we should regard other people. It is SO important to remember how important we are to our Heavenly Father, and how much He loves us - equally important is to remember that our Heavenly Father loves everyone else just as much :) Always remember that God loves her/him with the same love, has given her talents to work in areas that you perhaps cannot, and has filled her mind with inspiration in times when He has not done the same for you. You make such an impact on others - and so has she (previous missionaries) :)  

Do you see what I mean when I apologize for the attitude I had about the previous missionaries? May you never fall into the same trap - always remember how special YOU are - and how special `she` is as well :) `she` might be your friend - a neighbor - or a random person on a bus. Never forget how valuable you are, and have the courage to remind others of the same. We all need the comfort that comes from knowing that we are children of a Heavenly Father who loves us, and we love him :) May you have enough love to overcome your fears or hesitations to speak to others, open your mouths to share this reminder with those who need it most - those who may not have the truth just yet :)  

On that note, never forget how much I love you all!! I remember specific memories and lessons that I have learned from each one of you - something as simple as a YW lesson that you may have taught, or the time that you simply gave me a hug :) I love you all - and I hope YOU know that I think you are special :) 

And with that mushy love, I'm off to work yet again :) Onward, EVER onward!! May we never look back, and keep our eyes and lives focused on the only One who has power to save :) 

Love, Hna Lake

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