Monday, November 18, 2013

Week #38 - Dead bugs and food poisoning!

Hey fam!!  

Sorry I was an 11 on the scale of 1 to loser last week, and didn't get around to writing a broad letter out. Sorry, be assured I've already repented, and will write an EXTRA good letter this week to make up for it :) I've just gotten into the habit of printing out my emails, because I really don't have time to do anything anymore it feels like :)  Anyway, this week has been AWESOME! Slightly crazy, really hot, full of bugs, and... overall, shnazzily wonderful :) Fun facts? I think so!!

I absolutely LOVE the Argentine sky!!!
So many times while on my mission when we have been working our tails off, I look up and marvel at the beauty of the sky above, smile, and get back to work. There are few things that can pick me up faster than a good sunrise :) I love it.
I strangely have a craving to eat cereal when I see a good sunset...

Flabbergasted at the complete lack of people in the street during the siesta when the whole city shuts down from about 2 to 5 and everyone goes home to sleep, drink mate, or... sleep while drinking mate - no really - I`ll bet they could do it!  

1) The mosquitoes have started to rear their tiny little horrible heads. Since the heat flared about a week and a half ago, they have invaded our pension in the night like nobody´s business. There was one night that we accidentally forgot to close our `screen door` (quotation marks, because it's not actually attached to the house, it's just a square of metal with mesh on it that we prop against the door) and, ooooh man!! I felt like I was in the Argentine version of Jurassic Park! 

The best part is? The little black bugs called mosques - they get into your house, swarm around the lights like little maniacs, then promptly drop dead about 20 minutes later after they've electrocuted themselves. Rather sensitive little creatures. Basically, the first thing I do in the morning is to sweep up the huge pile of dead bugs from the night before. It's jolly :) 

2) Ah, food poisoning. No clue what exactly I ate - we think some empanadas that weren't cooked right - but I was MISERABLE for a few days this past week. I felt so weak, nauseated, and was in a world of.. well, really, nothing, haha :) It took too much energy to talk, so I just laid there for a few hours, like a lump of lazy. Eventually, after a few hours and a whole lot of pepto bismal, I was back to normal. Still, an adventure :)  

Another cool fact of the week - though a little long to put in only one number, okay, all my fun facts are a little long - was that we had an awesome activity this last week. All the missionaries in our stake invited  ONLY investigators to a discussion and dinner that we were having. All together, almost 40 INVESTIGATORS came to the activity! For our area, that is a HUGE miracle. The best part? During the discussions, the investigators started to say things that they had learned, to bear their sweet testimonies, or to ask questions. I was AMAZED to see how they all got involved, and I just sat in the back and marveled. IT was a good day :)  Funny part of the activity? Two of the teenage boys - brothers - decided that I was the hottest things since nacho cheese (did I really just compare myself to nacho cheese? I feel like I need to go repent or something after that one), and began following me around during the dinner. I got so sick of it that I put the two of them to work. When they would follow me around, I would turn around and fill their arms up with a load of dirty dishes and send them off to the kitchen. They kept coming back, so I kept loading them up with more dishes, haha :) I think they finally learned their lesson though, and stopped following me around after the 4th or 5th load. On the plus side, we got cleaned up pretty fast, haha :) 

Funny little language blunder of the week - and oh man, is it a good one!!! Here in Argentina, I think I've mentioned this already, but they have SUCH a different vocabulary here than any other country. Really, `Castellano`is a quite different from Spanish at times. One such difference is the word `remera`which here, instead of camista or pollera, means shirt or Tshirt. The other day, I was trying to compliment Hna Ruiz, and told her `I like your ramera`... imagine my surprise when she doubled over laughing. I finally figured out what I had said. There is a SLIGHT difference between remera (t shirt) and ramera (whore). Haha, I got a good giggle out of that one :)  

This week, I think the Lord has been teaching me an awful lot about the simplicity of the gospel. It is incredible to see a small 11 yr old investigator bear her testimony, and nearly bring an entire room to tears. So simple, and such faith. I truly am grateful that the Lord works with the simple and the weak, because that's exactly how I feel much of the time :)  

I love you all!! Have an amazing week, don't get sunburned (or wait - its snowing for you all. Dang it.), and always appreciate the small and simple of your lives. Those are the best things anyway :)  

Love, LOVE! (and lots of it)

Hna Lake

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