Monday, November 25, 2013

Week #39 - Happy Turkey Day to all!

Hello, all you turkeys, you!!!  :) (to be said in the voice of Aunt Heidi ha ha :)  

So, want to know something pathetic? I totally forgot about Thanksgiving until the Hna Assistants sent out a text that said, "Happy Thanksgiving to all of us!" I was 1) really confused by the English text, and 2) really surprised that Thanksgiving had reared its glutinous head already :) ( I probably totally butchered glutinous, but I'm short on spell check since this computer is programmed for Spanish, and therefore tells me that everything is wrong,  no matter which word I write! haha :) Hope you all stuff yourselves silly, and there is Mexican food involved. Thanksgiving just isn't thanksgiving without some good 7 layer bean dip or enchiladas :) (Mom, I know you´ll side with me on that one :)  

Here in Argentina land, things are going good, and getting HOT. Okay, even I am getting a little sick of hearing myself say each week how hot it is, but really. I don't even know what to do with myself in the nighttime when we really only have 2 options: 1) close the door to avoid letting the bugs in and thereby roast to death, or 2) open the door to allow a little wind through and doom ourselves to becoming a Thanksgiving feast for all the mosquitoes. It's a fun little adventure, and I've yet to figure out the best compromise. For the time being, we just bathe in bug spray before we go to bed, bake in the heat, and STILL get eaten by all the bugs. What a deal, ha-ha :) Ah well. A mission is worth it :)  

Fun highlight of this last week - we had a conference of JUST the hermanas in the mission! AH, it was so amazing :) It was a total blast to see all the hermanas, and we got SPOILED with an awesome lunch, brilliant lectures, and just... it was fun to talk to girls, ha ha :) Really!!  Sometimes, it gets a little old being around elders all the time and feeling like us girls are nothing more than sin on two legs. However, the conference was awesome - pictures included!

Couple fun facts and/or funny stories of the week: 

1) I had to search for about 2 minutes to find the little slash (/) for that previous line of and/or 

2) While at the conference, I looked down to realize that I had somehow managed to rip my skirt straight up the slit - and pretty dang high up there, too. My first thought was a movie quote, from the movie that I cant actually remember the title -Stewarts help me out here - "Ah! What are you doing?¨ It stops the suit from riding up¨ Up, WHERE?¨ ¨Just.. up!¨ ..... I'm having second thoughts if I should even include that movie quote since it seems a little risque for a sister missionary.. I'm just going to move on. Summary, of the story is: my skirt ripped, and I ended up holding the slit together with several safety pins I collected from the cute little bows on the presents given to us by Hna Giuliani.  Needless to say... I baby-stepped it all the way to the bus terminal.  
The office elders serving as our waiters for the conference luncheon. 
Note the BIG paper bowties :) When they marched in all military style, the music from the
waiter-penguin scene in Mary Poppins came to mind, haha :)

Hna Goodrich and I - again, she's splendid!!

To explain the paper bag wedding dress...
For the conference, the hermanas divided into 4 different teams and each team chose a model for whom to make a princess dress with only the materials that we had. Not sure if it's purely discimination since I'm tall and blonde, and everyone here calls me "Barbie", but I was picked to be the paper bad princess, haha :) It was a total blast!

3) This week, we were walking through the streets when Hna Condori suddenly said ´No estoy cansada - Mi freaking CUERPO esta cansado!¨ It was pretty funny, because the only words that she managed to said in English was "freaking." Okay, it's probably not funny to anyone besides me, but I laughed :)  

4) A menos activo familia made us TACOS this past week! I have never missed Chalula so much in my life. Seriously.  

5) I taught Hna Condori this past week that "Estados Unidos" isn't actually the name of my country - it is actually the United States. Totally blew her mind, haha. 

6) We were walking through a park, when I saw a jolly looking man sitting on a bench.  I remember thinking, ´Wow! He looks like Santa Claus!´ No, but really! Big guy with a big white beard, and glasses. However, as soon as we made eye contact, he opened his mouth, and yelled at me ´DIOS NO EXISTE!¨or, God doesn't exist!"  I had hoped for something a little more jolly from Santa. Ha ha ... anyways, that was my first encounter with an atheist Santa Claus :) I just laughed and said, "Well, I believe that He does exist!" And we kept walking.  

To completely change subjects, I want to share something that I've been learning. During my mission, I have been learning a lot about how to actually deal with stress. I realized during my mission that I am TERRIBLE at this; not because deal badly with stress, but because I don't deal with it at all. :) I automatically opt for the ´blissfully ignorant´ option and continue, thinking that if I ignore it long enough and force myself to cheerfully continue along, that maybe it´ll just go away. Well, Folks, I'm here to tell you that this doesn't work. It's probably old news to all of you; however, I've been learning more about how Christ, Himself, dealt with trials. Yes, it is important to continue cheerfully, but MORE important is to learn how to grow from the trails that God gives us and we will never grow if we chose to simply ignore the problem in front of us. I shared this little insight with Carissa before, and she sent me a poem that I loved, by Pres Packer: 

If you can smile when things go wrong and say it doesn't matter,
If you can laugh off cares and woes, and troubles make you fatter,
If you can keep a cheerful face when all around are blue,
Then have your head examined, brother,
There's something wrong with you.
For one thing I've arrived at--There's no ands and buts
A guy that's grinning all the time must be completely nuts.

Love it :) It seems befitting this Thanksgiving Season to have the ´troubles make you fatter line´, ha ha :)  

Love you all! I love my mission, love my life, and love you. Have a good day! 

Hna Lake

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