Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week # 42 - Abril's Baptism

Hey all!! 

Basically, what I have no time to say in words, I made up for with a MILLION pictures of an awesome week :) Basically, we had the Christmas conference in Rosario with our southern half of the mission, along with a yummy lunch, slide show of pictures, and different acts from all the different zones. It was a total blast, and I loved seeing all my mission buddies :) (I can't believe I can say that - I feel like I've heard the phrase `mission buddies' from every RM ever, and feel weird saying it now, ha ha :)

We also had a fun week of exchanges, sleeping outside with the mosquitoes, and the baptism of Abril. Ah, its been a great - albeit CRAZY - week :) 

Baptisim of Abril this last week!! 
Baptisim of Abril this last week!! 
I love this gospel, and I LOVE the Lord! I  love this time of year, and challenge you all to try and focus on the Savior during this time. Also, because anything from my parents, for me, is basically scripture, I'm including something from my Mom that I loved in her email to me this week: 

I love the Nativity story and the reminder that we all take turns playing the roles found therein.  Sometimes we are the shepherds in the field tending flock, sometimes we are the angel sharing a divine message, sometimes we are the wise men seeking the Savior and following the star - but may we never be the innkeeper who had no room for Him.  I always hope to bring gifts, to seek Him, to love Him.  I do so love my Savior and feel such a reverence and love for Him and a gratitude for His presence in my life.  You have the privilege of sharing this message - you are such a joy to me! 

Sorry to mooch off your spiritual thought Mom - I really do love it, and love the peace that we can feel during this time of year! For those who feel they lack the peace or joy they would like in this life, we invite you, as does your Savior, to come and learn more of Him :) I know there is hope, I know there is peace :) 

mormon.org - go there and learn more!  

Love you ALLLLLL! :) (so much love in missionary emails, ha ha :) 

Smile, and have a great week! Hna Lake

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