Monday, January 13, 2014

Week #46 - Please Pass the Ketchup!

Hey everyone!!  

To start off, I'm just going to whine a liiiiitttle bit more about the heat. Okay, no I'm not. I'm just going to say that I'm going to whine about it, and the move on, because frankly, I'm a little tired of talking about the weather. When it gets hot here, that's all anyone every talks about, haha :) 

Great week! To start off with, I bought ketchup for the first time in my mission - well, here in Argentina - and I'm not sure if it is because I haven't had some in so long or what, but I forgot how much I love it! Scrambled eggs and ketchup? I was in heaven :) Also, I get a kick out of the fact that here, they pronounce it `ket- choop`, and then look at me weird when I say `ket-chup`. Haha, the culture differences sometimes still make me giggle :) And then I just give up and say ketchoop. 

 Okay, I lied. I am going to say something about the weather, but only this - it hasn't been this hot in 40 years. I thought they were exaggerating the first 20 times I heard someone say that, but then I saw it for myself on the news when we were passing through a house, so I can say it with confidence. It hasn't been this hot in 40 years. Well, the heat wave we had about 2 weeks ago, at least :) Okay. Now I'm really moving on.  

Its been an awesome week! Awesome pday. We went to Emelia to visit the other hermanas there, and had a fun time visiting the campground of one of the members in their ward. We had a picnic, splashed around in a foot of water that was their kiddie pool, walked around, and took a million pictures :)  

And surprise! I found a MAGNOLIA Tree! Here in Argentina! I didn't even know they existed here, but sure enough - there aren't any flowers on the tree right now, but I know it's a magnolia because Hna Ruiz brought me a picture of it about a month ago when it still had flowers. Brought back memories of Tennessee :)  

The best part of my week? That I have tried to humble myself to really receive inspiration and insight from my Heavenly Father. Our Heavenly Father is such a gentlemen, that He will never enter into a place without being first invited - including in our own lives or minds. If you feel that God is not present in your life as much as you would wish then I invite you to take a step back, and consider what is it that is blocking His presence -because I promise you that it isn't Him. That is exactly what I tried to do this last week, and testify of the power and concern that He has for each of us.  

He knows how to help you. He wants to help you. Please let him :)  

How dearly I love you all, and how dearly I LOVE my mission! It is the greatest decision I have made thus far in my life -  road bumps, hot days, and all :)  

Love, Hna Lake

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