Monday, February 3, 2014

Week #49 Ched-dar Cheese!!!

Hey family!!  

First off, disclaimer - sorry I'm a loser and have wimped out and only sent pictures for the last few weeks. However, I'm sitting down and writing out a GOOD email home, so... hopefully that makes up for something, right? If not, tough, cause I can't do anything else. (on that note, I've been trying really hard to figure out how to say the equivalent of ´tough´ in Spanish, and so far, haven't had any luck. I did however, figure out how to say ´get over it´, which translates to ´aguantatela´, haha :)  

It's been an awesome week!! Since I'm sure you are all going through withdrawals because of my drought of fun facts, let's see if I can come up with some good ones, eh? And if I can't think of any good ones, I´ll just invent a few, and you can try to guess which ones are which - it's like two truths and a lie, but with a little nicer of a name, since missionaries can't lie :) 

1) This past week, I was trying to ask Hna Condori if she put the area code in a number that we were trying to call. I was a little distracted since I was making lunch, and ended up asking her if she had remembered to put the ¨codo¨ in front of the number, instead of ¨codigo¨. She started cracking up, and then I realized I was asking her about elbows, and not about area codes :) Close enough, right?  

2) It's finally cooling off! That's the good part. The bad part is, we´ve pretty much been in a constant thunderstorm mode for the last 4 days. Then again, in my book, that's a good thing :) It's almost a little embarrassing how much I love thunderstorms. Sometimes when we´re walking, I´ll stick my arms out all dramatic like with all the wind throwing my hair around, and pretend I'm Storm from Xman for a second. Then my comp looks at me like I'm crazy, and I keep walking :) That little story happens about 3 times a week, haha :)  

3) I discovered cheddar cheese here! Sure, they pronounce it like I would imagine a British man saying - ´I would like some ched-dar chap, thanks´- with a long a, but hey. It's still good. (and the best part of that fun fact is admitting that I have been given reason to wonder how a British man would pronounce the name of this cheese) 

4) I think I have had my hair in a bun for so long after the loooong hot summer (cue the country song by Keith Urban - Riss, you sing it gurl :) that I am literally losing the ability to have my hair suelto. Or down. Cualquier de los dos, haha :)  

Also, ready for a few miracle stories of the week? Transfers have come and gone, and Hna Condori and I are still working together here in San Nicolas! I believe that the Lord is really trying to teach us patience, and how to really depend upon Him. I know some people don't like change, but sometimes in life, the change is what pushes us and helps us to learn. For me, it is often more difficult when no changes occur, and I am fighting to not feel like I am stagnant. However, I know that after so much hard work here in San Nicolas, we are starting to see the miracles.  

Miracles number 1 - this last week, we went to visit an older man named Antonio. We had planned to have a charla franca con him, to decide if he were going to continue visiting him or not, since he wasn't really progressing or keeping his commitments. We entered the lesson with a prayer in our hearts to know how to handle the situation, and asked him if he had read in the Book of Mormon. It is SO crucial to read in the Book of Mormon to help us continue to progress in our lives, and is difficult to really help someone change when they aren't doing their part. He told us yes, and continued to tell us in great detail the story of Nephi and Lehi - for the first 5 CHAPTERS! The biggest miracle of all is that he understood almost everything. For him, it is really hard to understand, and it was a straight out miracle the he understood and read so much. We are thrilled, and going to visit him tonight :)  

Miracle number 2 - we went to visit Carl and Ezequiel, and couple who we contacted long ago, and have also been trying to help progress. They hadn't read in the Book of Mormon, so we decided to read with them, and started reading in the introduction. They both understood so well, and were asking questions about the angel, Moroni, the gold plates, and in what year was the Book of Mormon published? Pray that they will attend church - they are a little unstable in their commitment to change, and we love them dearly and want to help them how we can. They will need the prayers :)  

I love you all! I am so grateful for your emails and support! Thanks for being such wonderful people in my life, and may you always remember to center your life and home upon the Savior! I am reading the New Testament right now, with the desire to get to know the life of my Savior better and to familiarize myself with Him more. I invite you all to do the same, and testify that the only way to do so is through reading the scriptures, attending His church, and speaking with Him. He wants to hear you, and you need to hear Him. As my dear friend, Sister Anderson (currently serving in Costa Rica), told me a little while back, ¨The simple secret is this: Put your trust in Him, do your best, and let Him do the rest¨.

I love you!  

Love, Hna Lake :) 

P.S. Smile! It sure is a lot easier than being grumpy :) Being grumpy just gives you a headache. 

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