Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #51 - Congratulations to Riss and Mason!

Hey Fam!! 

First off, congrats to Trey and Riss!! I am SO thrilled for you both - I'm glad that Riss found someone worthy of all her pint-sized-snarkiness, and that Mason found someone who will put up with his animal sounds :) And yes, although I am slightly humored by the number of "Mason and Carissa kissing pictures" that showed up in my inbox this morning, I am beyond thrilled for you both :) And props to all the Stewart, Pettit and Demars crew that pulled off the wedding and wedding reception - it sounded amazing, beautiful!!  I am putting myself on a waiting list for Janae's salsa bar!! 

Its been a good week! Couple fun facts:

1) I taught Hna Condori how to `beatbox` - yep, that'd be me, the Mormon white chick. It led to a few hilarious moments when she would be practicing - aka, spitting all over the place - and someone walked by offering her a seriously concerned look. 

2) You should all be proud of me - I have lasted this long in Argentina, and think I have only complained about the abundance of Mayonnaise in EVERY dish but a few times. I was reminded this past week about something I decided long ago -  Pandora's box contained mayonnaise. 

Miracle of the week! My little sister Jaylee sent me a hilarious email dictated through the iPhone gadget Siri resulting in many mistypings and hilariousness. However, one of her questions was about my miracles of the week. Ready? Antonio Cortez, our investigator, attended church for the second time this week! It went wonderfully - we bent over backwards, calling what felt to be the whole ward to make sure that he had someone to help him in the classes, sit with him in the sacrament meeting, bring him to and from the church, etc. We did everything humanly possible to help him have a good experience in church, and I know that the Lord really blessed us for doing so.  Pray for him that he can continue to progress and to understand the Book of Mormon - we are trying hard to help him progress to baptism, and I have faith in the prayers of all my faithful family and friends :) Keep him in mind? Thanks :) 

I love this work! I have though much lately about the Christlike attribute of diligence. Preach My Gospel tells us that diligence is a way to show our love for Heavenly Father by continuing to move forward, cheerfully, even when you are so worn through physically and emotionally that you don't know how you can. In thinking about this, I realized that if diligence is Christlike attribute, it is also an attribute of our Heavenly Father. And just the same as our diligence is a manner of showing our love for Him, I know that His continued and tireless work for thousands and thousands of years, with millions of lives, is to show His love for us. I know that every soul is great in the sight of God, and for that, He is diligent :)  

I love you all!! Have a wonderful week! 

Hna Lake 

P.S. Quote of the week:  

´Sus ojos son ladrones! 

Uno roba mi sonrisa,

El otro mi corazon!!` 

- That one argentine guy in the street, haha :)

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