Monday, February 24, 2014

Week #52 A Week of Miracles

Hey gang!!  

First off - I'm really sorry, but this week is going to be a short email :) Basically for two reasons - a) I have used up all my time reading all the amazing miracle-emails I received this week from some of my very best of friends, and b) because I am an emotional wreck from reading all of these said emails and keep tearing up every 3 minutes, haha :)  

Seriously guys? This week was the biggest week of miracles I have seen in my whole life - both on my side of the continent and on yours :) I got emails telling me of the love and miracles that happened with my family - beautiful Valentines Days, the weddings of two of my bestest friends, along with beautiful emails from some of my family. Seriously!! I was floored by all of the miracles that are happening in my family - why the freak am I so blessed? I really don't even know :) 

Since you have all relayed to me about the beautiful miracles that happened yàlls week, I think it is my turn :) Let's put it this way - on Sunday, we had 2 different investigators in the chapel! Antonio - our sweet Señor , whom we are striving to help strengthen his faith to accept his baptismal date, and Jose Luis, a backpacker whom we contacted in a park here in Centro. He basically backpacks from place to place, and has never felt happy. We gave him a Book of Mormon, invited him to church, and found him a job through the wife of our bishop. On Sunday, he came to church 30 minutes early so that we could give him a tour of the chapel and explain the different meetings, etc. He had a great experience, and we have a lesson with him in the house of Bishop Arancibia this week. Pray for him! We are trying to get him more grounded here, so that we can invite him to be baptized. 

Another miracle of the week - one day, we were literally running to our next appointment when we ran across Alberto. He is an older gentlemen and an investigator of the previous Hnas. Hna Nunja and I took his name from the area book when we arrived. We had taught him a few times, but he never progressed due to work caring for his wife who had Parkinson's disease. This all went down about 5 months ago, and we haven't seen him since. On Friday, we ran into him in the street and he told us that he had been thinking of us because his wife had passed away in December, and he was in bad shape. He wanted us to come and visit him and he wanted to come to the church on Sunday. We went to visit him on Saturday night, and he told us that he was reading to change his life and turn himself over to the Lord. Hna Condori asked him how he intended to do that, and he answered `with a baptism`. We invited him to baptized right then and there and are working with him a ton :) Here is the stinking huge miracle: At the beginning of this transfer, Hna Condori and I decided that there was a reason that we were still together, and that there were miracles to be performed. So, we prayed together and put the goal to have a baptism this transfer. It was a huge goal since there hasn't been an investigator baptism in years in Centro, but we had the faith and obedience to ask God for a miracle. We made a sign that says "Our goal: one baptism!" and put it above our beds, and prayed every night for help to achieve this goal. The amazing thing? To be baptized, someone has to attend the church at least 2 times. That rule being so, Saturday night - the night that we invited Alberto to be baptized - is literally the last POSSIBLE day that we could have found someone to accomplish our goal. I was floored, and just started crying as we walked home. The Lord works SUCH miracles, no matter the people, or situation. I love this work, and I love you all!!! 

Love, Hna LAke :)

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