Monday, March 3, 2014

Week #53 Greetings from the sick one!

I never know exactly what to put as a header for my emails. ¨Hey family´get a little old, right? So, we´ll just opt for the awkward option and not put a header at all :) 

This week was pretty crazy. I got sick on Monday, and literally did nothing for the whole WEEK besides sleep, blow my nose, throw up, and cough all over my companion :) However, after a few days of the humility treatment, I was back to moving. The best part was? I had the sick Jenna-voice. You know, the one? Where her voice drops two octaves and no one actually believes it is her? Yep, that one :) Now that I think about it, Mom's nickname ´Jo´ makes a lot more sense now :) When I had to talk to one of the zone leaders, he cracked up as soon as I said, "hello". Glad to know someone got a good laugh out of my dying misery :) It was really hard - knowing that we were starting to see miracles here in Centro with investigators who are progressing and being too ill to work. It was a little tough, and a huge dependence of faith for me - as is so often the case with the missionary work - I fall into the trap of trying to do it all myself - of depending too much upon my own sacrifices and work - and not depending enough on my Lord. The Lord taught me a lot of that this last week, and I was trusting and praying the whole 6 days that He would help provide. I'm excited to see who was prepared for us when we finally got out and got to work this week :)  

Couple fun facts of the week: 

1) Did I mention I was sick? Si? Oh, okay then.

2) Here, I finally tried a prickly pear! You know, from the cactus? I had no idea what it was, until I had a flash of inspiration - aka, I remember the movie Jungle Book when Baloo the bear is singing about a prickly pear - and remembered that such a fruit exists. Best part? The name in Spanish is ´tuna´. That one made me giggle :)  

And, that's it. Sorry, I'm boring this week.  

I hope that everyone made it back safely from Carissa and Masons wedding! I am thrilled to hear that so many of the Pettits, Demars, and Stewarts were together - that would have been a party :)  

Love you all! have a great week, and take some advice from the sicky - depend upon the Lord :)  

Love, Hna Lake

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