Monday, April 28, 2014

Week #61 Cockroaches!

Hey all!!  

This week has been a crazy, yet wonderful one! I feel like I say that every week, and seem to remember Eden doing the same thing during her mission - maybe its just a missionary thing :) 

We moved apartments this last week! After so many time in our little, hot pink apartment with Betun the crazy dog in front, we changed to another apartment close by, but larger. That being so, we are living with 2 other hermanas now! La Florida se dividio, and now there are two areas in the one ward, and the Hnas are in La Florida B (speaking of which, Karis, are you sure your call wasn't for La Florida here in Argentina? Double check - we`ve got a Florida here too :)  

We are living with Hna Matias and Hna Diorio - they are great! I got a giggle when the new hnas arrived - after all my time here in Argentina, I have never ever had an American companion, or even lived with another American, haha. That being so, nobody can get on my case when I get home and can't speak English to save my life, deal? You`ll see what I mean on Mother's Day - I'm a wreck, and I totally acknowledge it, haha :) I was straining the other day for a good 10 minutes because Hna Perez asked me how to say trash can, and I couldn't remember for the life of me, haha :) The good news is, writing emails each week in English and writing in my diario en Ingles helps as well (even though it doesn't seem like it since I just slipped into Spanish even saying that, haha. I left the typo just for the sake of irony)

Anyway, couple fun moments of the week? And we`ll put some miracles in there too - because in the work of the Lord, there are always a ton of miracles :)

1) There are a ridiculous amount of cockroaches in our new apartment! The good news, I think the Lord sends the destroying angel from Moses' time through our apartment each night, because when we get up in the morning, there are always 4 or 5 of them laying dead in our apartment. So that's good :) 

2) This little fun fact is about Hna Perez :) So, since she is from Spain, her Spanish is different from the Spanish here, and as she will quickly assure you, the CORRECT version, haha :) In Spain, the c, s, and z are all different sounds - but here in South America, they are all the same. So, when Argentines are writing, they will frequently switch around the c,s and z in words, and it drives Hna Perez CRAZY! She is a Nazi for spelling, and I get a serious giggle out of it, haha :) Anyway, this last week, we were in a lunch with a member, and they got into discussing whether zebra in Spanish is with a z or c - it was pretty funny, and I still don't have a clue who actually won that one. The funny part? Once we left, Hna Perez got so worked up, she got the hiccups and was hiccupping so much that she could barely talk. It was pretty hilarious :)  

3) Miracle of the week? We were able to talk with Micaela! She had a baptism date before, but then decided she never wanted to see us again, and that was a slight roadblock to her salvation. So, we haven't actually talked to her in a while, but through a really long story involving another really ticked investigator and a lost bus, we happened to run into her as she was walking home from school :) So, we were able to talk with her, set up an appointment, and she came to church on Sunday! Keep her in your prayers :)  

Speaking of which, here's your prayer homework:

1) Ruben and Carmen that their hearts will be softened and they will receive us again (See above note about angry investigator - really long story involving a miscommunication and a thereby missed lunch appointment. Basically, test of their faith nada mas :) 

2) Micaela and Veronica that she will receive an answer to her prayers of whether the church is true

3) Miriam that she can find a job so that she has the money to find an apartment so that she isn't living on the streets, so she can get baptized

4) Soledad and Ezequiel, that we can receive inspiration for the needs of Soledad - she has suffered a lot, and she literally never says a word. We don't really know what she is thinking or what she needs - only heavenly help answers that one I think :) 

5) Sebastian, that he can quit smoking and receive the answer that he and Deboah should get married so they can get baptized (sad story on that one - he used to be a counselor in a bishopric in Santa Fe, but fell hard and now his pareja quiere bautizarse and cannot.

So, keep them in mind - I know that prayers really do have an effect, and that many times we simply need to pray with faith for a miracle in order to receive it :) And as Brian - my now brother in law - advised me before my mission, I always pray to feel the prayers of my family and friends, so thanks  :) 

I love you all! I am doing so great, and Hna Perez and I are trying to hard to work hard in our area and do our best!  

Love, Hna Lake :)

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