Monday, May 26, 2014

Week # 65 - I Love the Book of Mormon!


I'm pretty sure that I put the same... what is that thing called? Title line? Subject? Something like that... every single week! Time limits on the computer don't allow for creativity :)  

This week has started getting cold! It's been a good one though, full of the surprises, miracles and trials that the disciples of Christ always face. Sounds like it was the same story on the state side. First off, congrats to Ashley!! Fa, it sounds like you got your call to KOREA?! That is SO NUTS! I am sure that an ample supply of jokes have already been dished out on how you will fit right in there with your towering stature and huge feet, right? :) (I`ll give you a hint, that was seriously sarcastic. I clarify because here, sarcastic isn't used that often, and Argentines don't pick up on it sometimes and actually think I'm serious. I think there was a guy in my old ward who literally thought I was from England the whole 6 months I was in San Nicolas because I jokingly told him so one time, and could never convince him otherwise afterwards, haha :) That is so great! Seems like your `ding how` insult might come into play after all :)  

Also, thanks to all who helped my family with the move this last week! My mom recently sent me pictures of how everything turned out, and it looks BEAUTIFUL! I am sure that there were many hands, and hours involved in the move, so thank you to all. I am so grateful to be a part of a church that so steadily encourages service from its members! As one who is not physically there to take part, it was an interesting role to be on the receiving side of things. I literally feel like you all did a service to me, even though I was never actually there. I understand a little better how our Heavenly Father feels when we serve one of His children now :) So, thanks.  

Couple funny moments of the week:

1) We organized a FHE/dinner with an investigator and a member couple in our ward. It seemed like a good plan at first, but the whole night was just a mixture of... crazy. Seriously, I am getting a headache just thinking about it again, haha :) We started off by going by the pick up Carmen (investigator) who stalled a good 20 minutes, so we got to the house late. By the time we arrived, Hna Bermuchi was seriously ticked because the rice was all overdone since we got there late, and by the time we calmed her down enough to sit down to eat, Carmen announced to the table that he hated rice, and had no intention of eating anything. Hna Perez and I just looked at each other, haha :) The night then proceeded to all sorts of strong character clashes, and ended with Carmen trying to convince Hno Bermuchi that she had the perfect concoction to cure him from his cancer - honey, aloe vera and a bit of every single alcoholic drink known to man, haha :) By the time we finally got everyone home and ran home ourselves, I had the biggest headache I`ve had in a while, haha.  

2) We did divisions with the Hna of Beltran this last week, and it went great! Hna Withers was telling me about their landlady, who also happens to by the mother of one of the biggest drug dealers in all of Argentina, haha :) She had a few good stories, and it was pretty hilarious to hear about it - I think their house was actually on the news a few weeks ago because the police have a license to search the house at any moment, haha.  

Okay, en fin, it was a great semana :) The highlight was... this morning I finished the Book of Mormon! I have seriously loved rereading that sacred book, and even more so in Spanish. It helps a lot to see things from another point of view.  If you have not read the Book of Mormon..... read it! 
No, really. I promise you that there is nothing that will strengthen your relationship more with your Heavenly Father than those sacred pages. I have learned and bettered myself more during my personal study than years of experience. I testify that the Book of Mormon is a book prepared to help us in these days. Allow the Lord to protect our homes and families by reading it together. 

If you want personal blessings, read the Book of Mormon personally.

If you need blessings in your marriage, read the Book of Mormon as a marriage.

If you want to help and protect your family, read the Book of Mormon as a family. 

It really does work :) I love you all!  

Love, Hna Lake

Monday, May 19, 2014

Week #64 - Footsies!

Hey crew!!

How are things on the northern side of the continent? I`ve gotten a few weather reports, and it sounds like things are warming up. I still remember when Brayden and Mason were on their missions in Brazil, and I was so confused when they told me the weather was opposite here in the southern continent. I`ll admit, knowing Brayden, I literally thought he was joking for the first month of when he reported cold weather. Then, I finally googled it, and thanks to that trusty search engine, finally figured it out :)
Anyway, the point of all that was to bring in the following news report - yes, it is starting to get a little cold. I can't remember if I have actually said this or not, but Hna Perez and I have already both decided that since the `Christmas` that already passed was pretty lame in our books, we`re going to hold a REAL Christmas when the weather gets a little colder. Something about your popsicle melting next to the Christmas tree just doesn't cut it. And Spain has cold weather during Christmas as well, so we`re thinking the same. Stay tuned on that one - Christmas is getting closer and closer, and hopefully it arrives before transfers do!  

Dang Dad, bummer to hear that you were finally released as Bishop. Kind of ironic since you have had so much time in that calling in the Mica Peak ward, and I have never actually seen you in that role, haha :) I was always at BYU or on my mission - still I am sure that Bishop Jensen will do an awesome job! 

Sounds like things are getting crazy with the move - hang in there! Whip out your tetris packing skills and don't break Jameson's ukulele. Fa, I have no clue how to spell that word. Also, be sure to leave a note for the new family advising them about the little pet graveyard in the garden. Speaking of which, whatever happened to the hamster, Justin cupcake anyway?  

Things are great here! There was a ward temple trip this last week with Barrio Alberdi and it was a miracle! There were so many who were able to go, including some of the recent converts and less active with whom we are working, hand in hand with the ward council. 3 recent converts and 2 less actives were able to go for the first time, along with a family that was sealed. It was beautiful - well, so I heard, since we`re not actually allowed to go since the temple is out of our mission limits. I love the temple so, and am grateful that we have so many in the states! Take advantage of it - we are so blessed there!  

Also, fun fact of the week - all the women in my ward here are nuts about one of my possessions. My little black footsie socks that we all buy at Wal-Mart for 5 dollars to wear with ballet slippers. You know the ones? well, they don't exist here, and literally almost every Sunday, another sister in the ward here asks me about them and jokes that they want to steal them from me. I tell them right back that I promise they don't want anything to do with my little socksies, since they are literally so wasted, they are only held together by prayers and a whole lot of dust, haha :)  

I have started reading again in some of the conference Ensigns that are here in our apartment. I love reading them so, because they help me feel the strength of the prophets. What an incredible time we live in! With the restored gospel, the Book of Mormon, living prophets, revelation, and the missionary work moving forward as never before. As Elder Holland teaches, THIS is the time that will never end in apostasy just as every other generation. THIS is the time that we have success, and WE will prepare the earth for the second coming of our Lord and Savior. I testify of Him, for I know He lives and that He will come again! I love the strength and peace that we find in his prophets, and in the Book of Mormon. Read that sacred book, and invite Him to help you. 

I love you all!!  

Hna Lake :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week # 63 - Mother's Day!!

Hey all!! 
First off, it was so great to talk to you all on Mothers day! I`ll admit, I felt a little weird. First off, it's been so long without speaking English, I felt like I was getting flustered just talking. Its strange, because I think it was the first time that I noticed that maybe my personality is a little different in different languages - or maybe it's just my personality as a missionary and pre-missionary, haha :) Either way, my bipolarity doesn't stretch much farther than that :)  

And if I didn't say it enough, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, MOM!!! I loved the yummy breakfast photo that you sent me - who made it? Very jealous :) And we`ll break out the red plate someday. It was so great to talk to you, even if it was just for a little bit. I am so very blessed to be your daughter, and love you soo!! 

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RISSAPANTS!!! Sorry that an email birthday wish is the best you get, haha :) Know that I was thinking of you, and hoping that Mason spoiled you rotten on that day What did you do for your birthday? Did Heidi make you a yummy dinner? It was great to see and talk to everyone!! 

Sorry I don't have much time to write today - we have a pday especial, and spent the day playing volleyball, tennis, and watching Rio! It was fun, and totally made me want to go to Brazil, especially since so much of my family has spent time there. Someday :)  

Anyway, I'm off to work!! Love you all! 

Love, Hna Lake :)